Scottish solicitors are being encouraged to help shape the future of their profession by volunteering to support less-advantaged students through the Lawscot Foundation’s mentor programme.

Applications opened this week to sign up for the scheme, which forms a crucial part of the Lawscot Foundation’s work to support young people to study Scots law and pursue a legal career.

Full training and support will be provided for the successful applicants who are matched with a Lawscot Foundation bursary student.

Lawscot Foundation spokesperson Milly Berndes-Cade said: “Our mentors make an enormous contribution to the future of the young person they’re matched with and to the future shape of our profession, while also developing their own leadership and management skills.

“Our charity’s mission is to support these gifted students to pursue legal careers when their personal circumstances might otherwise exclude them, and our mentor scheme is as important as our bursary payments in fulfilling that goal.

“For many of our students their mentor is the first solicitor they’ve ever met. It’s a relationship that builds confidence and knowledge while showing our students they belong in the legal profession.”

Lawscot Foundation student Chloe Fraser says her mentor, Turcan Connell senior solicitor Lauren McDonach, has played a key role in her development.

“Lauren and I both lived in the same home town, so it was comforting to be paired with someone who I shared similarities with.

“Lauren has helped and taught me so much. She has always made time to check up on me, arrange coffee dates, proof-read all my course work, and has contributed massively to my professional and personal development.”

Chloe will begin her traineeship with Lawscot Foundation sponsor, Turcan Connell, in autumn next year, having been encouraged by Lauren to apply for a six-week summer internship in 2022.

If you are interested in applying to be a mentor then you can apply now using the application form found here. Applications opened on Monday 7th August and will close on Monday 28th August.