With many of us working from home and saving on commuting and eating-out costs, donating what you save to the Lawscot Foundation and nominating others to do the same will make a real difference to the lives of law students from less-advantaged backgrounds.

During lockdown, many of us have found ourselves working from home and, as a result, our normal commuting and eating out costs have completely changed.

Our “commute” has gone from jumping on the train every morning to putting on our slippers and sitting on the sofa. And instead of picking up that frothy cappuccino with an extra shot from our favourite coffee shop before hitting the office, we’re turning on the kettle to make a classic cup of tea.

For some of us, that means we find ourselves with a bit of extra cash left over at the end of the week and are in the fortunate position of considering what to do with those savings. Well, how about donating to the Lawscot Foundation?

We know these are worrying times and not everyone will have the luxury of being able to save, but for those that are, your help could make a world of difference to our students.

Covid-19 has had a massive, detrimental effect on the charity sector, especially smaller charities, like ours. Many fundraising events throughout the year have been cancelled, with the loss of much-needed funds, and we need your help now more than ever. 

Our work is increasingly vital, because young people will be hit the hardest by the effects of the pandemic, particularly those from less-advantaged backgrounds. Yet, we made a promise to help support talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds and we’re determined to do so. Please help us keep that promise.

For those that are in a position to, we’re asking you to donate what you save from working from home and nominate a friend or colleague to do the same.

It could be the cost of:

  • your weekly commute
  • your daily coffee
  • that cheeky drink (or two!) after work with colleagues
  • or the roll and soup from the café for lunch

Your nomination could be the person you always go for a coffee break with each day or the team that you always have drinks out with each month.

Whatever you can donate will be massively appreciated.

Donate here now and we'll send you a visual for social media. After that, you can get nominating tagging the @lawscotcharity.

Let’s make sure the coronavirus doesn’t ruin the future of the incredibly deserving young people who the Lawscot Foundation supports.

Thank you!