Title insurance provider Westcor International has pledged its support of the Lawscot Foundation by agreeing to sponsor the charity for a second year.

Lawscot Foundation spokesman Darren Kerr said: “Thank you to Westcor International for their continued support. By renewing its sponsorship, Westcor International has committed its support of our mission in making the legal profession in Scotland accessible to everyone, regardless of background or financial circumstance”.  

“Supporting talented students from less-advantaged backgrounds ensures the legal sector is able to benefit from their skills and intelligence. It also makes the sector more diverse and inclusive.”

“Title insurance is an important product for solicitors involved in conveyancing and property transactions, and Westcor International is a great example of the kinds of rewarding careers that law students can pursue beyond qualifying as a solicitor.”

Kirsty Noble, Westcor International’s Director for Scotland & Northern Ireland, says: ““I find it an incredibly rewarding partnership and am proud of our commitment to fostering inclusivity within the legal profession. Our renewed sponsorship of the Lawscot Foundation reflects our dedication to supporting talented individuals irrespective of their background. Together, we're ensuring a more diverse and capable legal sector for the future."