I am Alex, a Scots Law LLB student at the University of Strathclyde. I am also I recipient of the Lawscot Foundation (LSF). The Foundation provides a bursary, networking opportunities, and mentors. 

I am exceptionally grateful for the bursary that I receive as it helps finance my degree. Studying law involves a lot of reading and unfortunately law textbooks tend to be quite expensive. I personally use my bursary to cover the costs of buying books and use the rest of the money to help finance general living costs.

The networking opportunities provided by the Foundation has been crucial in helping me decide the path that I want to pursue once I complete my degree. The Foundation provides insight days in regard to careers across a broad range of options varying from working in a commercial law firm to what it would be like working at the Scottish Parliament. Such opportunities are rare and they place LSF recipients in a privileged position to pursue the career that they want.

Finally, all recipients are provided with a student mentor as well a professional mentor. A student mentor will be a current law student and the professional mentor will be a qualified legal professional. Both types of mentors are exceptionally useful being able to share knowledge and advice from their perceptive of the legal journey. A recent example of support that I received from my professional mentor was advice on how to tackle summer vacation scheme applications. The advice that I received was second to none and was essential in helping me to secure a position on the summer vacation scheme at a large Scottish law firm. 

I hope this provides a short insight as to the benefits of being a Lawscot Foundation recipient and wish you all the best with your application.

Alex is a trainee solicitor at partner corporate sponsor, Burness Paull. Alex provides an insight into what it's like to be a Lawscot Foundation student and why other students should consider applying to the bursary programme.