I am a Lawscot Foundation student in my third year of study at Abertay University.

Before coming to university, I was worried about financial stability. I come from a low income, ethnic minority background and I was worried that, even with the help of SAAS, I would not be able to move away like I wanted to, because I could not afford the expenses. My parents could not afford to pay for anything and, in the back of my mind, I knew I would struggle with the cost of things like textbooks and buying a laptop. I was concerned that my situation would get in the way of my studying and my dream of being a lawyer.

Through the Foundation, I was able to afford all living expenses, buy a laptop and all the textbooks I needed.

In terms of the social aspect of university, I was very nervous that, because of my background, I would not be able to do things like socialise or even fit in with other students. I am incredibly grateful to the Foundation for supporting me through my studies, so I never have to feel this way just because of my financial background.

It has been an incredibly valuable and positive experience and I would encourage anyone interested to apply, especially if you are worried about any financial issues you might face at university. It has been really beneficial, because even aside from the financial aspect, there are often networking events set up by the Foundation with different firms that have been very useful in giving an insight into the law career itself and what it is like.

The Lawscot Foundation has provided me with incredible support and given me opportunities I never would have had, if I had not applied.