The LawScot Foundation acted as my gateway to the legal profession; providing opportunity, mentorship, and financial assistance.

During my early to mid-teens, I aspired to study law and become a lawyer. However, like many aspiring lawyers I do not come from a legal background and at the time, did not have any close connections who were at hand to offer an insight into the mysterious world of law. This is where the LawScot Foundation stepped in!

As I reflect on the support which I received from the LawScot Foundation I am particularly grateful for the exclusive networking opportunities organised between the LawScot Foundation and various law firms. These events provided an initial understanding of varying legal disciplines and importantly, facilitated my first step into a law firm. It was always an exciting, and reassuring, opportunity to engage with law firms whose ethos were underpinned by guiding principles of equal opportunity and diversification of the legal profession.

Throughout my university studies the LawScot Foundation provided financial support. This relieved overbearing financial struggles and allowed me to fully immerse myself in my degree. During this period the LawScot Foundation also paired me with a student mentor and a professional mentor. Inspired by the insights I received from attending networking events, I quickly set my sights on undertaking a traineeship at a commercial law firm. My professional mentor shared invaluable knowledge as to what the application process would entail, including interviews, presentations, and summer vacation schemes.

I am proud to say that I am now 7 months into my 2 years traineeship with Burness Paull. I look forward to what the future brings and extend a big thank you to the LawScot Foundation for the support in helping me achieve my goal.

I wish all potential LawScot Foundation applicants every success in the application process, and in your future careers!

Applications for the Lawscot Foundation are open from Monday 22nd April - Friday 21st June. We encourage you to apply if you meet the eligibility criteria. You can make your application here

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