Life has taught me resilience and perseverance. I have life experiences beyond my years and these have taught me much. Being able to make society a fairer place, and help others, through my study and practise of law, is my motivation and hope.

No one in my family has ever studied at university, therefore, when I accepted my offer to study law at the University of Edinburgh, I did not really know what to expect. I felt a wave of emotions. I felt excited about starting a new chapter of my life, but was also worried that I would not fit in with other students coming from more affluent backgrounds and more-advantaged secondary schools. However, the Lawscot Foundation made all of these worries disappear.

Through the Lawscot Foundation, I was introduced to my mentor, a trained solicitor, who I meet up with regularly. From answering any questions I have about the course and profession, to helping me deal with the stress of exams, my mentor has supported me amazingly throughout first year. With her relevant advice and guidance, I feel a lot more relaxed and confident about my remaining years of studying, and the career path I have ahead of me.

The bursary which the Lawscot Foundation provides has helped me immensely throughout the academic year. With this, I was able to purchase the mandatory books needed for first year, as well as put some of the money towards my rent. Due to the bursary, I did not need to work as many hours at my part-time job as I expected to, meaning I was able to focus more on my studies. This eased a lot of financial stress.

As well as providing me with a mentor and bursary, the Lawscot Foundation has provided me with work experience varying from visiting the courts to law firms. Not only has this created networking opportunities, it has also given me a further insight into what a career in the profession looks like.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year on the LLB course. I have realised that law manages to affect everything and, by studying it, it gives me the freedom to develop an interest in almost anything. From the more realistic aspect of family law, to learning about the European Union and the Scottish legal system, I now have an insight into a whole range of disciplines. I am excited for the years ahead and believe that, with the life-changing support the Lawscot Foundation has given me, I will be able to achieve my goals. I am so grateful for the Lawscot Foundation’s support.

Demi graduated with a First Class degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2022. She graduated from the Diploma at the University of Edinburgh in 2023. She commenced her traineeship at Anderson Strathern in 2023. 

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