Hi, I’m Felix, and I study at the University of Edinburgh. Looking back to when I was writing my application, I can admit I did not fully grasp what being a recipient of the Lawscot Foundation scholarship entailed, especially the mentorship and insight events. I hope to shed some light on these aspects by sharing my own experience as a recipient for two years now.

I definitely underestimated the impact of the mentorship.

By having someone I talked to about my studies, I was required to very consciously evaluate what I needed to work on and what I needed to keep up. As a result, I improved not just year on year, but semester to semester. My mentor also nudged me outside of my comfort zone, both academically and socially.

As a result, I now have a range of experiences to add to my CV and friends that I might never have met otherwise.

Your mentor will also ensure you make the most of your time at university and, I promise, you will end up looking forward to your catch-ups.

I also did not appreciate the value that the insight events would have.

Through the Foundation, I have attended exclusive insight days at commercial firms and events with the Scottish Parliament. This exposure to the legal profession has allowed me to make informed decisions about my career aspirations and to know what is involved in getting there. I now realise that many of my classmates do not have the same level of understanding that I have been fortunate enough to obtain. Looking to the future, I feel well equipped and prepared for reaching my goals.

The Lawscot Foundation scholarship really is a lot more than a scholarship. It is a helping hand at every step of your time at university and I encourage everyone to eagerly apply.

Best of luck!