We're about changing people’s lives

We’re here to help pupils who have the drive and talent to become lawyers of the future, but lack the finances to do so. We also want to make joining the legal profession a bit less daunting: by setting up mentoring relationships and offering work shadowing opportunities. This isn’t just about helping people pursue a particular career.

Some of the young people who have applied have faced unimaginable challenges at such a young age – being in care; being a carer for their parents or siblings; being made homeless; poverty. Yet they have worked hard and achieved great exam results. The Lawscot Foundation is an incredibly important way of showing these young people that we support them and believe in their future.

The calibre of the young people applying for the Lawscot Foundation is incredible and our current students are inspiring. If they have achieved all they have in such challenging circumstances, what could they achieve within the positive environment of a profession? Think about what they can add to your business or organisation. The Lawscot Foundation is going to help ensure these people enter the law degree every year and enhance the profession in the future. The legal profession will be all the richer for it.

We were set up by the Law Society of Scotland in 2016 as part of their work on ‘fair access to the legal profession’.

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Our trustees
Our trustees are volunteers and members of the Lawscot Foundation Board. They help us to set out our strategy and offer advice on achieving our charity goals.
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